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Embedded Scandinavia  

"Code coverage for embedded targets and tool qualification": Presentation at Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Stockholm (Sweden) on 4th of November 2015

(Offenburg, 2 September 2015)

Verifysoft talks about Safety Standards and the related coverage levels that they will recommend at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Stockholm (Sweden) on 4th November 2015. We also introduce tool qualification towards certification of the embedded software for which code coverage has been measured. The Embedded Conference Scandinavia is a 2 days long conference and exhibition which covers all actual topics from the Embedded Sector. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth during the conference on either 3th or 4th of November.
    > further information


QA&Test Bilbao  

"Challenge of Code Coverage Measuring on safety critical small embedded targets": Presentation at QA&Test in Bilbao (Spain) on 15th October 2015

(Offenburg, 12 June 2015)

Verifysoft presents solutions for the challenge of measuring code coverage on small embedded targets in compliance with safety standards at QA&Test in Bilbao, Spain. QA&Test is a conference for professionals and experts from different sectors such as Railways, Aeronautics, Medical Systems, Electronic Devices, Banking, Insurance or Telecommunications. Visit Verifysoft´s booth on 14th-16th at QA&Test in Bilbao.     > further information


GrammaTech CodeSonar Version 4.1 Available

(Ithaca/New York, 29 May 2015)

GrammaTech announces the version 4.1 of the static code analysis tool CodeSonar. The new version is now available for source code. CodeSonar 4.1 for Binaries is also imminent.
The highlights of CodeSonar 4.1 are:

  • Distributed Analysis: This feature improves the analysis speed dramatically. Previous versions of CodeSonar could already run the analysis phase in parallel, but only on multiple cores or CPUs on the same machine. CodeSonar can now distribute the analysis work across a loosely-coupled cluster of heterogeneous machines.
  • MISRA C Warning Classes: There are many new warning classes. Most of them check compliance with MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C:2004.
  • Warning Clustering: This new option tells CodeSonar to group warnings into clusters if they are sufficiently similar.
  • Configuration Tool: This is a new way to invoke CodeSonar to facilitate setting up a new hub or adding a machine to an analysis cluster.
  • Authentication: A hub can now be set up to use third-party authentication mechanisms such as LDAP. Administrators can add their own custom authenticators if they wish.
  • Analysis Presets: Via a new command-line option users can choose a "preset" set of configuration options. For example, codesonar analyze Foo -preset misra ... will use the configuration options that turn on all the new Misra C checkers.
  • Taint Path Checking: The user interface can now be used to show how taint can propagate along a specified path.
  • Score and Significance: Score is a numeric value assigned to warning instances. High-scoring warnings are more serious. Significance is a property of a warning class such as reliability, security, style, or redundancy.
  • New Platforms: CodeSonar now runs on two new platforms: NetBSD and FreeBSD.
  • Lightweight Access Control: It is possible to restrict access to information on the hub on a per-user basis. This is a temporary solution until a full role-based access control (RBAC) is delivered in CodeSonar 4.2.



Elvior organises TTCN-3 Summer School in Sophia-Antipolis (France)

From 21 to 23 July 2015 our partner Elvior organises a 3 days TTCN-3 Summer School in Sophia-Antipolis (France).
The Testing and Test Control Notation Version 3 (TTCN-3) is a standardized testing technology developed and maintained by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and specifically designed for testing and certification.
TTCN-3 Summer School is oriented for practitioners: usages of TTCN-3 concepts will be shown on actual TTCN-3 testing environment. All course participants will get top level TTCN-3 tool TestCast 3 months license for free. Workshops theoretical part will cover whole TTCN-3 syllabus and participants are ready to take TTCN-3 certification exam later.     > further information


Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser: Version 7.3.3 Available

Testwell CTC++   (Offenburg/Germany, Tampere/Finland, 18 May 2015)

Verifysoft and Testwell announce the availability of Testwell CTC++ version 7.3.3 for Windows platform. Version 7.3.3 is a pre-version of version 7.4 for some selected customers. Testwell CTC++ is the leading Test Coverage Analyser for host and on-target code coverage.
The new version 7.3.3 contains the following enhancements:

  • For helping the ctc2html utility to generate HTML report with line coverage information, some new information is added to textual execution report.
  • Annotation concept introduced for commenting.


GrammaTech Starts Work on Advanced Analysis Engine for a Predictive Engine to Auto-Complete and Auto-Correct Code (DARPA´s PLINY Project)

(Ithaca/New York, 30 April 2015)

GrammaTech has begun work on PLINY, a joint effort among GrammaTech and three Universities, with the goal to automatically detect program defects, suggest program repairs, and complete program drafts. PLINY is part of DARPA´s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Mining and Understanding Software Enclaves (MUSE) program.
This initiative seeks to gather hundreds of billions of lines of publicly available open-source computer code to mine in an effort to create a searchable database of properties, behaviors, and vulnerabilities.
GrammaTech´s static code analysis tool CodeSonar will be at the center of the effort to generate features. CodeSonar has an extraordinary scalability, and an analysis engine with proven capabilities for discovering subtle program properties.     > further information


Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8.3

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 28 April 2015)

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8.3 with the following new features:

  • TCI helper: timeout for TCI DLL calls allowing detection of problems in external TCI implementation
  • Logging of TCI and TRI trace - enhanced problems detection in TCI and TRI implementation
  • Go to line functionality for log lines created by a log statement


Testwell CTC++ Plugin for SonarQube™ Available

SonarQube   (Offenburg/Germany, 16 January 2015)

Verifysoft annouces the availability of a Testwell CTC++ Plugin for SonarQube™.

The plugin allows the import of the Testwell CTC++ coverage data into the SonarQube database and their visualisation within the SonarQube web interface. The import of all Testwell CTC++ coverage levels (up to MC/DC and Multicondition Coverage) is possible. Testwell CTC++ and the SonarQube plugin can be used for projects written in C, C++, Java, and C#.
Further information about SonarQube plugins is available here.


Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.8.1

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 9 January 2015)

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8.1 with the following new features:

  • Modified project explorer
  • Log view: saving message binary content to a file
  • In the ASCI mode of log view, TestCast detects and transforms UTF-8 characters if they are present
  • Runtime environment creation from command line
  TestCast T3 version 6.8.1


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