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An Independent Study: CodeSonar is the best static code analysis tool
in finding safety problems in embedded software

CodeSonar   (Offenburg/Germany, 12 February 2015)
An Independent Study from the InfoTechnology Center of one of the largest car manufacturers confirmed that CodeSonar is the best static code analysis tool in finding safety problems in embedded software. The car manufacturer measured how well different static analysis tools perform against the benchmarks. The performance of CodeSonar, as well as five other tools was evaluated in the following categories:
  • Static Memory
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Numerical (most int, some float)
  • Resource Management
  • Pointer Related
  • Concurrency
  • Inappropriate Code
  • Miscellaneous
In this quantitative evaluation of Static Analysis Tools, CodeSonar was ranked first in three categories: Dynamic Memory, Concurrency, and Inappropriate Code and second in three further categories: Static Memory, Resource Management, and Miscellaneous. In particular, CodeSonar was particularly highlighted for being extremely good at finding concurrency problems; it found more than twice as many as its nearest rival.
Our objective at Verifysoft is to give as much information as possible to our prospectives and customers in order to help them to choose the best tool for their specific needs. Unfortunately one of CodeSonar´s "competitors" (headquartered in San Francisco) doesn´t want having their tool compared to other tools. For this reason they requested that we no more link to the independant study. We have removed the link from our website, but we leave it to our prospectives and customers to decide for themselves if they want to do business with a company which fears such a comparaison...


Testwell CTC++ Plugin for SonarQube™ Available

SonarQube   (Offenburg/Germany, 16 January 2015)

Verifysoft annouces the availability of a Testwell CTC++ Plugin for SonarQube™.

The plugin allows the import of the Testwell CTC++ coverage data into the SonarQube database and their visualisation within the SonarQube web interface. The import of all Testwell CTC++ coverage levels (up to MC/DC and Multicondition Coverage) is possible. Testwell CTC++ and the SonarQube plugin can be used for projects written in C, C++, Java, and C#.
Further information about SonarQube plugins is available here.


Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.8.1

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 9 January 2015)

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8.1 with the following new features:

  • Modified project explorer
  • Log view: saving message binary content to a file
  • In the ASCI mode of log view, TestCast detects and transforms UTF-8 characters if they are present
  • Runtime environment creation from command line
  TestCast T3 version 6.8.1


Verifysoft Technology presented software testing solutions
on CESA 3.0

(Paris/France, 10 December 2014)

Verifysoft Technology presented software testing solutions on CESA 3.0 - Congress on Automotive Electronic Systems in Paris on 3 and 4 December 2014. Industrial decision makers, representatives of public authorities and experts from academic institutions discussed diverse topics on connected and automated driving as well as Standards, Test and Validation of the automotive systems.
Global players like Daimler, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Continental and others already improve their software with Verifysoft testing solutions.

  CESA 3.0


Integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D Available

(Offenburg/Germany, San Luis Obispo/USA, 27 November 2014)

Imagix and Verifysoft announce the integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D. Together with the test coverage tool Testwell CTC++, Imagix 4D can now be used to evaluate whether test cases have resulted in sufficient testing. Several layouts for viewing the program flow are available in Imagix 4D. One of them is the Logic layout chart which points up the program logic of the function. Different colors show the test coverage of each part of your software.
Imagix is a privately-held corporation, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California.
> further information

  Imagix 4D


Free Webinar: Code Coverage for Embedded Targets in Automotive

Free Webinar Webinar
  Errors in embedded software can be life-threatening. With no margin for error, it´s critical that your software development adopts a rigorous approach to compliance, the automotive international industry safety standard ISO 26262. Only through such stringent professional practices can you be sure of achieving acceptable levels of safety. That demands significant software testing and proof of code coverage. Our partner SCL will show you how to face up to the challenge of ensuring Code Coverage for embedded targets on the 9 Dec at 10:00 (London Time).
> Find more Information


JFTL 2015  

Verifysoft Technology sponsors "French Software Testing Day" 2015 in Paris

Verifysoft Technology sponsors the "French Software Testing Day" JFTL, an event organized by the "Comité Français des Tests Logiciels" (CFTL) in Montrouge/Paris, Tuesday 14 April 2015.


Verifysoft auf dem Automotive SPIN Italia in Mailand

Automotive SPIN Italia
  Verifysoft participates in Automotive SPIN Italia (12th Workshop on Automotive Software & Systems) which takes place at 30 october 2014 in Milan (Italy). We will be present at the booth of our Italian partner Dofware. Participation is free of charge. Dofware and Verifysoft show the Code Coverage Tool Testwell CTC++. This tool works with all embedded targets and is the leading code coverage analyser for automotive applications.


GrammaTech Announces an increase of 60% in CodeSonar annual Sales

(Ithaca/New York, Offenburg/Germany, 18 September 2014)

More and more customers from Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Military, and Telecom Industries rely on the expertise of GrammaTech´s CodeSonar, a leading Static Code Analysis tool. Today GrammaTech announced a 60 percent increase in annual sales for its fiscal year, which closed on July 31.
GrammaTech´s success has been driven by new capabilities in CodeSonar for achieving standards compliance, eliminating multi-core issues, analyzing third-party code as well as improving software security by addressing dangerous information flows. CodeSonar is designed for failure-intolerant embedded environments. The tool analyzes both source code and binaries and identifies serious security and quality liabilities. Vulnerabilities, system crashes and unexpected behavior at runtime as a result of e.g. memory corruption, leaks, data races, and other bugs can be avoided early in the development process.
For companies, which would like to increase their software quality, we propose static analysis by CodeSonar. Please ask for a free evaluation and get informed about our interesting license models.


Verifysoft appoints Royd Lüdtke as Director Static Code Analysis Tools

(Offenburg/Germany, 29 August 2014)

Royd Lüdtke joins Verifysoft as Director Static Code Analysis Tools.
Prior to joining our team, Royd Lüdtke held positions as application engineer and consultant with several companies and research institutes like New Era Of Networks, Sybase, Rogue Wave Software and Fraunhofer Institute. He studied Electrical and Power Engineering in Dortmund (Germany). Royd Lüdtke was granted several patents. He is also author of a couple of IT related publications.
Mr. Lüdtke will oversee pre-sales and support activities for GrammaTech CodeSonar in German speaking countries.

  Royd Lüdtke


A.I. Corporation (AIC) Tokyo will distribute Testwell Tools in Japan

AIC logo

Tokyo Shibuya by night
Tokyo Shibuya

  (Tokyo/Japan, Offenburg/Germany, 26 August 2014)

A.I. Corporation and Verifysoft Technology have signed an agreement about the distributionship for Testwell tools in Japan.
"We enter into a distribution agreement for Testwell tools, because this tools are very efficient and easy to use. Testwell CTC++ supports all compilers and all embedded targets", said Hiroshi Ueda, Product Manager embedded testing division at AIC. "I didn't expect code coverage on target easy like this."
"During my visit in Tokyo I was very impressed about the professionalism of the AIC team", said Klaus Lambertz, CEO of Verifysoft. "AIC is the right partner to promote Testwell tools in Japan. I am sure that Testwell CTC++ will be successful in the Japaneese market. For the automotive industry, we expect a similar success as in Germany, where all car manufacturers, a lot of their suppliers and many companies from healthcare and transportation are using successfully Testwell CTC++."
> AIC website     > News in Japanese     > distributors


GrammaTech CodeSonar achieves ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128 Certification

CodeSonar   (Ithaca, New York/USA, 2. July 2014)

GrammaTech CodeSonar, has been certified for use in the development of safety-critical software according to several international standards: ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and EN 50128. These three standards were designed to define the functional safety of electronics throughout their lifecycle within automotive systems, medical devices, and railway applications, respectively.
CodeSonar has now been independently audited by SGS TÜV Saar GmbH and subsequently awarded a certificate confirming it is approved for developing software for these safety standards.
> weitere Informationen   > Zertifikat


Software Testing Day in Turin

Dofware logo   Verifysoft and Dofware, our partner in Italy present a Software Testing Day in Turin (Italy) on
21. October 2014. The participants will learn about Code Coverage on Embedded Targets, Software Testing requirements and Dynamic Software Testing. The presentation will include a practical part with examples. Participation in the event is free.   > more


Embedded Software Testing Day in London

SCL logo   Verifysoft presents in cooperation with its partner SCL the Embedded Software Testing Day: Code Coverage and Static Analysis in London on Tuesday 30 September 2014. The event will be held at the Royal Exchange in London. The participants will learn about Code Coverage and Static Code Analysis on Embedded Targets, Security Standards, Data Races in Multi-Core-Software, Balance between false negatives and false positives, Visualizing with Static Code Analysis. Specialists from Verifysoft and SCL will demonstrate the Code Coverage Analyser and Static Code Analysis tool. This event is free to attend.   > more


Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser: Version 7.3 Available

Testwell CTC++   (Offenburg/Germany, Tampere/Finland, 21 August 2014)

Verifysoft and Testwell announce the availability of Testwell CTC++ version 7.3. Testwell CTC++ is the leading Test Coverage Analyser for host and on-target code coverage.
The new version 7.3 contains the following enhancements:

  • Extending the multicondition instrumentation (enabling MC/DC coverage reporting) to assignment statements of the kind "variable = boolean expression having && or || operators;"
  • Improved header file handling and other bug fixes in the ctcxmlmerge utility.
  • Improvements in the ctc2html utility, especially in the graphical appearance of the HTML report.


Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit for ISO 26262, DO-330, DO-178C, IEC 61508, and EN 50128 Available

Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit   (Munich, Offenburg, Tampere, 20 August 2014)

Safety standards require a safe usage of all software development tools. In order to facilitate the tool qualification process for projects using Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser, Verifysoft Technology proposes now a qualifiction kit for Testwell CTC++.
The kit has been developped in cooperation with Testwell Oy from Tampere (Finland) and Validas AG from Munich (Germany), a leading consulting company on software tool qualification.
The Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit conforms to the standards ISO 26262, DO-330, DO-178C, IEC 61508, and EN 50128. It covers currently the programming language C and contains a Qualification Support Tool, thousands of test cases showing the reliability of Testwell CTC++, a Test Automation Unit to run tests, a Verification and Validation Report (V&V Report), as well as "getting started support" of Validas. As the qualification kit integrates existing verification activities, our customers can use it with minimal effort. The Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit features a modular-based tool qualification methodology developped by Validas. It is extensible: the user can even add own tests and mitigations.   > further information


Verifysoft is growing: Enlargement of the premises

World TPO   (Offenburg, 7. July 2014)

Verifysoft Technology completed the year 2013 with a record high revenue and profit.
Our technology is successfully used by more than 400 companies in over 30 countries worldwide. Our customers include all German car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, major European aeronautics and aerospace companies as well as leading companies in the medical industries.
After the acquisition of software testing technologies from the Finnish test tool manufacturer Testwell in the summer 2013, Verifysoft has built up a worldwide distribution network in the USA, India, Korea, UK, Italy, Romania, Finland and Israel. A distribution agreement with a Japanese company will be signed imminently.
After a very successful first half of 2014, we expect a further significant increase in sales for the current year. Reasons for this include the very good quality of our testing tools, the good economic situation in Germany as well as a strong global growth, especially in the U.S., India, Korea and Japan.
In terms of staff Verifysoft has continued to grow. This requires the enlargement of the premises in the Offenburg Technology Park. That is why we ask for your understanding if there is a short delay in responding to your inquiries between the 8th and 11th July due to relocation to the new office.


Testwell CTC++ celebrates 25 years of successful use in the software testing community   Testwell CTC++, the leading Code Coverage Analyser for On-Target Testing celebrates 25 years of successful use in the software testing community.
Verifysoft celebrates the 25 years of Testwell CTC++ on Thursday 25 September 2014 at Technologiepark in Offenburg. There will be a couple of presentations including requirements of security standards, different code coverage levels, presentations of the coverage tool and the Qualification Kit.
In the evening we will celebrate the anniversary of Testwell CTC++ with champagne and a Testwell CTC++ birthday-cake.   > more


Lexington Soft LLC will distribute Testwell tools in USA and Canada   (Lexington/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 12 May 2014)

Lexington Soft LLC and Verifysoft Technology have signed an agreement about the distributorship for Testwell tools in USA and Canada.
Lexington Soft is a provider of end to end enterprise software solutions for Software Development, Testing and Quality. Since January of 2012, Lexington Soft has been successfully distributing Testwell tools in India. Now the company will also take care of supporting Verifysoft's customers in USA and Canada. These markets will be handled by the sales team of Lexington Soft from the office located in Lexington, USA.   > Distributors


QTronic Software S.R.L. will distribute Testwell tools in Romania   (Cluj-Napoca/Romania, Offenburg/Germany, 14 April 2014)

The Romanian company is based in Cluj-Napoca and is associated with the German company QTronic GmbH. QTronic is vendor of the virtual ECU tool Silver and of the test automation tool TestWeaver
Verifysoft Technology and QTronic have already been cooperating during the last years: TestWeaver generates and runs thousands of test cases, while Testwell CTC++ automatically measures the code coverage achieved this way.   > Distributors


Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.8

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 9 April 2014)

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8 with the following new features:

  • Full support for TTCN-3:2014
  • Support for external logger process communicating over TCP/IP (C++, C#)
  • XSD files are automatically converted when the -rb flag is set in the command line tool
  • Several other improvements


Verybench 2.1: New Graphical Interface for Testwell CMT++ Available

Verybench for CMT++   Offenburg (Germany), 8 April 2014

Verifysoft has released Verybench for Testwell CMT++ version 2.1.
Verybench is a graphical user interface for the code complexity measuring tool Testwell CMT++. It enables managers, developers as well as quality and test engineers to colaborate easier on and to contribute easier to source code quality. It accelerates the way metrics are understood by an entire development team and not just by single individuals involved in improving the quality of a software. Verybench comes with two kinds of main views: the Dashboard Views and the Metrics Views.
Our Testwell CMT++ customers with maintenance will receive the new interface free of charge.   > Further information


GrammaTech CodeSonar: Version 4.0 available

(Ithaca, New York/USA, 4. April 2014)
GrammaTech announced the commercial availability of CodeSonar 4, the latest version of the company’s flagship software analysis tool.
CodeSonar 4 includes new capabilities for analyzing third-party code, achieving standards compliance, eliminating challenging multi-core issues, and improving code security by addressing dangerous information flows.
CodeSonar advances the state of the art in automated code analysis to help embedded development teams improve code quality and security while accelerating time-to-market.
  Focus on Quality


Testwell CTC++ supports CATIA - AUTOSAR Builder of Dassault Systèmes

DASSAULT SYSTEMES - CATIA Systems - AUTOSAR Builder   (Vélizy-Villacoublay/France, Offenburg, Munich/Germany, 2 April 2014)

Testwell CTC++ works now together with CATIA Systems AUTOSAR Builder. AUTOSAR Builder is a powerful, flexible and open authoring and simulation toolset that enables the rapid modeling, definition, simulation and deployment of embedded systems to automotive electronic control units.

Testwell CTC++, the leading Code Coverage Analyser for On-Target-Test-Coverage, is extensively used in the automotive sector. The adaptation to AUTOSAR Builder has been initiated by a large car manufacturer.
Testwell CTC++ works seamlessly with many toolchains, testing tools and test environments, including dSPACE SystemDesk®, dSPACE TargetLink®, PikeTec Time Partition Testing (TPT) and QTronic TestWeaver. > further information


Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser: Version 7.2 Available

Testwell CTC++   (Offenburg/Germany, Tampere/Finland, 18 March 2014)

Verifysoft and Testwell announce the availability of Testwell CTC++ version 7.2. Testwell CTC++ is the leading Test Coverage Analyser for host and on-target code coverage.
The new version introduces a test case concept and the ctcxmlmerge tool.
The test case concept facilitates collecting coverage data and reporting it per user-defined test cases.
The ctcxmlmerge tool facilitates getting one combined coverage report over whole code base, which has been built and tested for different configurations. Previously, due to configuration-specific conditional compilation and macro values in the code files, CTC++ could see such files to be different, and supported coverage reporting only per one configuration at a time.

Additionally there are some bug fixes and enhancements to handle various demanding or "extreme corner" usage situations that have come up with the users. Along with this basic CTC++ v7.2 the CTC++ Host-Target add-on (HOTA) which allows for on-target test coverage has been upgraded from v5.0 to v5.1.


Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.7.4

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 28 January 2014)

This major release of TestCast T3 includes support for TTCN-3 extension package: Support of interfaces with continuous signals and modifications for Extended TRI support. Users can gain also of extended command line support to control TestCast features from command line. The release is available for Windows and Linux platforms.


Verifysoft Technology exhibits Testing Tools for Embedded at ERTS2 in Toulouse (France) and Embedded World in Nuremberg (Germany)

ERTS2 logo
Embedded World logo
From 5 to 7 February 2014 Verifysoft Technology will present software testing solutions for embedded systems at ERTS2 in Toulouse. The ERTS2 congress is a unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientists with representatives from universities, research centers and industries. The previous editions gathered more than 100 talks, 500 participants and 60 exhibitors. > more information

Verifysoft exhibits also from 25 to 27 February at Embedded World in Nuremberg (Germany). The Embedded World is with over 22,000 visiters the leading exhibition for embedded hard- and software. You will find us in hall 4 at stand 322. We will inform you about Code Coverage, Complexity Analysis, Unit Tests, Test Management, Automatic Test Generation and Static Analysis. > more information


Enhanced support for French-speaking customers

(Offenburg/Germany, Paris/France, 27 November 2013)

Verifysoft welcomes Mr. Olivier Casse as Regional Sales Manager. He is based in Paris and will support our French-speaking customers in France, Switzerland and Belgium starting from January 2014.
Mr. Casse brings to the company over 20 years of professional experience in technical sale of embedded software tools for software tools providers like Wind River, Atego, Artisan, I-Logix etc. > Distributors


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